Connoisseurship of Chinese Painting

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Landscape, Wang Yuanqi, 1713

Connoisseurship of Chinese Painting

Fr. Richard Fabian
April 8, 2017
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
TBA to participants
$25 Society members, $40 non-members (after Museum admission), Refreshments will be served. This event is full--if you would like to be added to the waitlist please email the SAA Office.

How does a connoisseur evaluate a Chinese painting? How does he or she assess brushwork, composition, subject matter, subtleties of technique, and subtleties of meaning? What are the roles of gut instinct versus intellect? Join SAA at the home of Fr. Richard Fabian to study how to look, how to “see", how to contextualize, and how to cultivate an attentive mind, so the painting reaches us with maximum impact aesthetically, emotionally, and intellectually.

We will have a mid-afternoon break for tea.

Richard Fabian has been collecting and studying Chinese calligraphy and painting for 40 years.  His collection formed the basis of the blockbuster exhibition “Between the Thunder and the Rain”, shown at both the Asian Art Museum and the Honolulu Academy of Art.