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A Docent's Perspective on Contemporary Art
May 12, 2021

As a docent at the Asian, I love connecting with the ancient beauty of Asia. And as the Asian expands its collection of contemporary art, I was initially a little disturbed by some of the “new” objects. After a very enlightening and enjoyable talk by Abby Chen at this spring’s Arts of Asia lectures, I began to use the viewing techniques I had been trained in. I rested a while with a piece, watching my responses to it. No cheating and looking at the labels! What thoughts or sensations was I having? And asked what is this piece saying to me – the same way I encountered our Buddhas.

Message from the Society's President

Welcome to another year of exciting events and lectures. Unfortunately, we will not be meeting in person soon, but we look forward to “see” you again at our lectures on Zoom. Even though our Governor has proclaimed California open, we will continue this Fall with webinars until we all feel comfortable to gather again at the Asian Art Museum.

For the fall Arts of Asia lectures, we have an exciting list of speakers, and we encourage all of you to join us in exploring contemporary art. It may not be everybody’s favorite, but do not forget, all art is contemporary the moment it is created; only time gives it another moniker. Our instructor of record for the series, Abby Chen, is a strong believer in this and has suggested that we follow the Asian Art Museum’s lead in focusing on art and artists of the last few generations as well as artists who live with us here in the Bay Area, in the USA or other parts of the World, who are our contemporaries!

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