Adornments Across the Atlas: The Jewelry and Costumes of North Africa

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Idaw Nadif woman, Anti-Atlas Region, Morocco 1934-39, Photograph by Jean Besancenot (French, 1902-1992)

Adornments Across the Atlas: The Jewelry and Costumes of North Africa

Courtney Stewart
July 11, 2024
10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time
Zoom Webinar
$15 per person Society members; $20 per person non-members Advance registration must be received by SAA by July 10, 2024. New Extended Deadline!

This lecture takes you on a captivating exploration of the rich cultural heritage of Maghrebi (North African) jewels and adornments, uncovering the traditions, symbolism and craftsmanship that have shaped the region’s aesthetic identity. Through tracing the evolution of adornment practices from ancient times to the present and examining the influences of Berber, Roman, Arab and Ottoman cultures, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the symbolic significance of these symbols of adornment, which serve as expressions of identity, status and cultural pride. This talk seeks to foster appreciation for the region’s cultural diversity and honor the artisans whose creativity and skill continue to shape its vibrant landscape.

Courtney Stewart is a gemologist and researcher in the Department of Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. She has contributed to a number of exhibitions and research projects with a particular focus on jewelry and gemstones. She holds a Masters from the University of Toronto and a PhD from the Bard Graduate Center and is presently working on a publication of the Met’s Maghrebi jewelry. She was the scholar who accompanied the SAA’s trip to Morocco in 2023.

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